The Synergy WAY

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The Synergy Way is to continuously improve our ‘Client Experience’.


Since we are always looking to improve our client’s experience, here are some of our latest innovations and improvements that we believe will eventually change the real estate industry for the better.   We look forward to setting new industry standards.  Here are the Top 3 Reason why to chose Synergy Real Estate Team:


  1. The Team Service Model.  Why hire an Agent when you can Hire A TEAM?

    The new ‘Synergy Way’ is a team approach we’ve developed that allows our agents to get out of the headaches of running their business and focus on what’s important…serving our clients! Where the ‘lone agent’ wore too many hats and got buried in his business, the ‘Synergy Way’ delegates all of the business building tasks to people other than The Client Services Team. By delegating these tasks, our Clients Services Team to is free to focus on our clients needs and to deliver the best possible real estate information and services. Because our Client Services Team is held accountable to service standards our clients get an overall more enjoyable moving experience.

  2. The Synergy Client Experience.  We hold our Agents accountable so you don’t have to.

    In creating The Synergy Client Experience we took the time to evaluate every moment, step by step by step, of our clients moving experience.  We found consistently that what was missing was accountability and consistency throughout the process.  So we started drafting what we believed to be the perfect client experience that built in accountability for our team as well as consistency without losing sight of the human emotions and customization that are required in real estate.  Over time the result was a very well defined, customizable, and very personable Synergy Client Experience.  Today we have a success formula that we custom made for our HomeBuyers and our HomeSellers.  Each of these well defined experiences provides our clients with the information they need to make great life and business decisions, as well as the personal services they need to enjoy their unique moving journey.

  3. The Synergy Promise.  Deliver the best of ourselves, by becoming the best version of us.

    The synergy promise was designed to bring accountability to our Team in a very human and caring way, for the benefit of our clients.  It is a commitment to continuously develop our personal character so that we more often can share the light we have within with our clients.  It is also a commitment to a journey of mastering real estate.  Neither of these commitments has a beginning or an end, they are simply a commitment to grow and to deliver the best of ourselves for our clients when they rely on us most in a major life decision.

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