Meet Brandi Wilks

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Meet Brandi Wilks | Director of Operations


The Person

dsc00237-3eBrandi is an accomplished business woman with years of experience in Interior Design and Architecture. She has been a part of over 105 short sale transactions in the past 8 years and after completing several wholesale deals  and renovations her career is on the fast track to success.

In her spare time Brandi is committed to spirituality and personal growth. As a Professional photographer as well as a Spiritual Blogger, she is constantly attracting new people and new business into her life that support her in doing leaps and bounds in the investment community as well as her personal life.

Brandi is aspiring to travel the world with her business partner and Husband Cory along with their four wonderful children. By creating such abundance in her life and in those she loves, Brandi knows that remarkable things will come her way.


The Investor & Business Partner

Brandi is praised by many for her courage to rise to the high expectation of the real estate community, but lately she is admired for her and her business partner’s ability to communicate, support, and challenge each other in such a way that they both end up lifting each other higher than ever imagined.

As a vehicle to success she uses her networking with Nationally accredited investors Than Merrill, Paul Esajian & Chris Yates to launch the business forward at outstanding speed.


The Project Manager

As Project Manager for their Investment business and Director of Distributions for Synergy Real Estate Team her knowledge in the real estate arena has sky rocketed. Not only has Brandi helped develop this company into successes but she has grown as a person during the process as well. With over 7 years experience in Project Management she is one of the elite in budgets, scopes of work, floor plans, interior design, and wholesale relationships. With Brandi as project manager the sky is the limit!


The Entrepreneur Woman

Traveling the world, helping people, and experiencing new things, is the reason Brandi continues to do what she does. Being a Professional Photographer, she loves running her own photography business!

As a woman who has already made such an impact in this world, she is striving to create and do more. With Brains, passion, support, and drive, Brandi will no doubt be on the front page of many people’s minds in the upcoming years. Keep an eye out, for the world has not seen the last of this remarkable young Entrepreneur!

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