The Synergy PROMISE

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The Synergy Promise:




We promise to deliver the best of ourselves in character and competence, so that our clients get the best information, service, and experience possible, when they need it most.


We promise to commit to the continuous lifelong  journey of developing our personal character, as well as mastering our real estate competencies, so that we can deliver the best of ourselves, for our clients, when they need us most.

The synergy promise was designed to bring accountability to our Team in a very human and caring way, for the benefit of our clients.  It is a commitment to continuously develop our personal character so that we more often can share the light we have within, with our clients.  It is also a commitment to a journey of mastering real estate.  Neither of these commitments has a beginning or an end, they are simply a commitment to grow and to deliver the best of ourselves for our clients when they rely on us most in a major life decision.

Everyone who brandishes the Synergy Logo has agreed to the above promises.  As a company we live and die, hire and fire, eat-sleep-&-breath these promises.  This is our essence.


How we keep our promise to grow in character is to:


To do the right thing:
At SRET we commit to a standard of being in integrity, being outward focused, and being trustworthy which allows us to always do the right thing.  We accomplish this by prioritizing our inner values in such a way that we put our clients needs before our own. This is The Synergy Way. This commitment to Do The Right Thing drives our daily decisions and produces a service that is unmatched in the industry for our clients.


To perform as a TEAM:
In today’s information age there is no room for the lone agent who trys to do it all, simply too much is at stake for our clients to allow distraction into the transaction.  As SRET we are a Team with a common purpose and we hold each other capable and accountable.  We come together through an interwoven, interdependent set of people, systems, and ideals built on Integrity, Trust, and Intention that are aligned to fulfill our company’s purpose.  We do this to produce impressive results collectively that would be impossible to accomplish individually.


To be authentic: 
Real Estate is personal, and we are people too!  We are people who strive for wellness in all life has to offer, and we call this being a whole person.  We do this by shedding our egos and by living a life of intention and purpose.  In our pursuit of wholeness we believe that when we are content on the inside it makes serving our clients needs on the outside fun and enjoyable, creating a more pleasant experience.  We spend our lives learning and expanding who we are and how well we serve our clients.  Each of us in our own individual form, free from righteousness and judgement, is free to nurture our spirits, our physical selves, our minds, our emotions, our families, our relationships, our friends, our fun time, as well as our finances, our investments, our careers, and ultimately our legacies.  We are whole people in a constant state of growth, and we bring our greatness to the real estate service industry.


Examples of our promise to grow in competence is to:


To constantly pursue real estate mastery:
Mastering real estate is journey, not a destination.  That is why we are committed out of our love for real estate to the continuous growth of our minds, knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the benefit our clients, agents, investors, and ourselves.


To work the Synergy Attitude:
Fiduciary Service:  The Synergy Attitude!  As in an intense level of passion, empathy, professionalism, knowledge, skill, care, and urgency that we entrust the people in our business to operate with for the benefit of our clients and our company.  The people in our business strive to deliver the best of themselves through service, are willing to go above and beyond, and don’t settle for good enough.  We are winners and doers, and we are not afraid to go for it and get it done. The time is now.   Where there are holes we are on it, where we are on it its done.


To keep real estate personal,  human, and intimate:
At SRET we take the time it takes to understand why this transaction is important to you.  Real estate is inherently intimate as it involves nearly every area of both your personal and professional life.  Changing where you live is clearly an expression of a new set of inner values trying to manifest themselves as a new home.  We promise to empathize and search for why this move is important to you and what it means to you.  Then use the highest level of skill and care to help you fulfill those newly found motivations.


To deliver the best information: Better information =  Better Life and Business decisions.
At SRET we understand that your are relying on our expertise to deliver you with the information you need to make good life and business decisions.  We promise to deliver the best information possible, so you can make the best decisions possible, as quickly as possible, allowing you to move on the next chapter of your life.


Deliver the Client Experience:

  • The Synergy Home Seller Experience:  For our sellers we promise to do everything we can reasonably do to get you the highest and best price possible in a time frame that is best for you.  To do this like we know it can be done, it takes the effort of a TEAM of committed real estate professionals.
  • The Synergy Home Buyer Experience:  For our buyers we promise to do everything we can to get you the right house, at the right price, in the right time frame that is best for you.  To do this like we know it can be done, it takes takes the effort of a TEAM of committed real estate professionals.


Welcome to Synergy Real Estate Team. Where our Promises stick.

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